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Ida John

Let’s bring your vision to life!


Hey there! My name is Ida John, and I am a Photographer based in the beautiful city of Atlanta. I do photography full-time, and I have a 5-year-old daughter. I first found an interest in photography when I was my daughter’s age. My dad didn’t let me use the cool Canon AE-1 he had, and the rejection I received made me vow to have my own camera one day. Very dramatic, but it’s the truth. Fast forward to today, I have 8 years of experience under my belt, and I don’t plan on stopping until I’m old and grey. Photography has been one of the things that has given me the ability to do the two things I love most: creating something, and making others happy. I live for the moment when the people I work with get excited about the shoot during our consultation. My goal is to make you feel like this is YOUR shoot and you’ll finally have photos that represent you or whatever you want to capture in the most tailored way. I want to make sure that we have the shots you imagined in your head, so I will never rush a shoot that is approaching the last 5 minutes. I’m a people person, so warming up to the camera tends to be a quick process with my clients. I don’t treat my sessions like a transaction, because the result of that would be clear in the final images. Photography is truly my passion, and if I didn’t have to pay for Netflix every month, I would do it for free. I look forward to working with you!