Why photography? / by Ida John

This is my first post and i’m not going to proofread it before posting. I want to answer this to the best of my ability. I love photography because it is inspiring. People light up when they see themselves portrayed in a light that they choose, and I think that does something for them personally. We like things that look beautiful or make us feel something. Pictures can do that. I have photos from when I was a baby and being able to hold an image that was taken by someone who couldn’t have imagined it’s longevity is almost magical. A picture that you can look at and it takes you right back to the day that it was taken, the events leading up to the shoot, and maybe even how you felt when you received the final product. I’ve made people smile with my camera, and when I see other people’s profile pictures down my social media timeline that I photographed, it’s nice knowing that they were proud enough of the image, that they wanted to introduce themselves to others with it. That was a run-on sentence but I said I won’t edit this :) But yeah, this is fulfilling for me through and through. I want to be one of those really old, but really amazing photographers using a 2000’s DSLR on the streets of Atlanta photographing someone. I want to keep meeting mind-blowingly wonderful individuals who want to work with me. Photography is that thing that I can’t get enough of because there is beauty in everything and the power that a photo can hold is immeasurable. I’m bad with endings, so I just want to thank whoever is reading this for (finishing) and actually caring about navigating to this post. Thank you!